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Show your customers that you care about the nature!

We grant the use of the "This product is different" tag for each package that is coated with the Colombier Barrier Coating. It's a great way to show people that a company cares about the environment!

The QR-code gives people an easy way to find out why this package is different!

SHOW CASE: Burger Brothers Co.
Burger Brothers Co. knows that their customers value ecological thinking and therefore the "This package is different" tag is printed on every product.

Every Burger Brothers Co. package also has the QR-code that takes the customer to a webpage that informs you about the environmental friendly coating used on the package.

The QR-code can take the customer to the "This package is different" standard page, or to a customised, branded page.

The standard "This package is different" page.

A custom-branded "This package is different" page.

Burger Brothers Co. show that they care on a door sticker.

The "This package is different" story can also be told on p.o.s. material so that customers can read it while eating.

The Burger Brothers web page also proudly informs about the new ecological packages.

It's easy to care about Burger Brothers – they care about the environment!

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