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Our environmental barrier coating can be used for all kinds of paper and board packages. 

If your company is interested in offering ecological paperboard products, please be in contacts – we can do bio-barrier coating for you!

Any paper and paperboard can be coated.


Colombier barrier coating line:

• Capacity 60 000 tons / year

• Two rod coating units

Basis weight range 40 – 500 g/m2

Coat weight range 4 – 30 g/m2


We are happy to help in any way we can!

We provide coating services for many environmentally conscious companies

who want to serve their customers with ecological paperboard products.

Additional benefits:

  • Customers value ecological products, so be sure to let them know that your packages are environmentally friendly and ecological!

  • The Colombier Barrier coating can be adjusted to meet the optimum barrier against water, water vapor, oil and grease and the heat resistance. Optimising these characteristics will give packaged food a longer life and keep it fresh and tasty.

  • Gluing can be done with economical water-based glues.

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